Share Photos or Video to Get Rewards
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Forawme Hair is a 11 years experienced supplier for Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair, Burmese hair, Cambodian hair. All the hair are shipped worldwide. We are not only as a vendor to sell hair, but we want our customers to have the best hair and help them know how to care hair and keep it long lasting.
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Share Photos or Videos to Get Rewards

Your beauty is our glory. Let your beauty be seen by others. 


We are happy to inform you that Forawme hair beauties can show your beauty meanwhile get some rewards from Forawme Hair company. This is important to have something back to our clients, when you are happy, we are happy. 

How to get some rewards after receive our hair? Please see below steps.

1. After you install hair/wigs, if you love our hair, share your photos and tag us on the post on Instagram or Facebook, you can  get $5 cash back.

2. If you do a Youtube video, put our site link on the video post, or post our Instagram and Facebook account on it, you can get $20 cash back.

3. After you tag us, please do remember to contact us, and screenshot for us. Then we will have the your record and arrange the rewards. 

4. For the rewards, there two options for you. First one, we can send the rewards to you by PayPal after we confirm it. The second option is to reduce the reward amount in your next order directly. 

Our Instagram account: @forawmehair
Our Facebook account: @forawmehair
Our website link:

Let's share beauty, Let's get rewards ! Action Now !


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